Kingdom of Jesus Christ


The present and future realm in which Jesus Christ exercises full authority, and through which he triumphs over all opposition.

Jesus Christ’s kingdom is a heavenly kingdom

It is not of this world

Jn 18:36

See also Re 5:6; Re 7:10; Re 21:1; Re 21:3 The kingdom was given to him by God

Da 7:14

See also Ps 72:1; Da 2:44; Mt 28:18; Jn 16:15 The kingdom is his by right

Col 1:15–16

See also Heb 1:8; Ps 45:6; Re 22:13
Jesus Christ inherits the kingdom promised to David

Lk 1:32

See also Ro 15:12; Is 11:10; Re 2:27; Ps 2:9 Jesus Christ reveals God’s kingdom on earth

Jesus Christ brought in God’s kingdom

Mt 4:17 The expressions “kingdom of heaven” and the “kingdom of God” are interchangeable.

See also Mt 3:2; Mt 10:7; Mt 12:28; Mk 1:15; Lk 17:20–21 Miracles are a sign of the kingdom

Jn 6:14–15

See also Mt 8:26–27 authority over the created world; Mt 11:2–5 authority to heal Authority over life and death:

Lk 7:11–15; Re 1:17–18 Parables are a sign of the kingdom

Mt 13:1–52

See also Mk 4:1–34; Lk 8:4–15; Lk 13:18–21 Jesus Christ exercises kingdom authority today

Believers enter Jesus Christ’s kingdom immediately

Lk 23:42–43

See also Mt 5:3; Mt 11:11
Believers are redeemed from the kingdom of darkness

Col 1:12–13

See also Eph 5:5
Believers enjoy the blessings of Jesus Christ’s kingdom now

Mt 16:19

See also Da 7:22; Da 7:27; Lk 12:32; Lk 22:29–30; Jas 2:5; Re 1:5–6; Re 1:9; Re 3:21 Jesus Christ rules over every authority now

1 Pe 3:22

See also Eph 1:20–23; Php 2:9; Col 2:10; Heb 12:2; Re 12:10; Re 19:16 Jesus Christ’s kingdom will be fully established at his return

His kingdom will come with power at a specific moment

Mt 25:31

See also Zec 9:10; Mt 24:30–31; 2 Ti 4:1 His kingdom will replace all earthly authority

Re 11:15

See also 1 Co 15:24–25; 1 Co 15:50–52; Php 3:20–21 All creation will acknowledge Jesus Christ’s kingship

Php 2:10–11

See also Ps 2:6–8; Re 5:13 His kingdom lasts for ever

Lk 1:33

See also Is 9:7

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