Messianic age


In the OT, writers look forward to the era that will be inaugurated by God’s decisive intervention in human history, in order to establish his eternal kingdom under the Messiah. The Messianic age is characterised by righteousness, justice and peace, by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and by the restoration and renewal of God’s people and of creation. In the NT, the idea appears in a developed form as the “kingdom of God”, inaugurated by the first coming of Jesus Christ and to be consummated at his return.

The victory of God’s kingdom foreseen

Da 2:37–44

See also Zec 14:9

The victory of God’s Messiah

Ps 45:3–6 This psalm came to be applied to the Messiah.

See also Ps 110:5–6 This psalm was also applied to the Messiah in the OT times; Is 9:3–5Is 42:13Is 59:17–19

The Messiah’s universal reign

Da 7:13–14

Psalms traditionally taken as referring to the Messiah:

Ps 2:8–9Ps 72:8–11

Restoration in the Messianic age

Restoration of harmony in creation

Is 11:6–9

Restoration of the land’s prosperity

Am 9:13–15

See also Ps 72:3Is 4:2Joe 3:18

Restoration and renewal of God’s people

Je 3:18Mic 4:6–8

See also Is 60:1–3Joe 3:16–17Am 9:11Ob 17–21Ac 1:6Zec 3:9

God’s people seek him in repentance:

Ho 3:5Je 50:4–5Eze 11:19–20

Characteristics of the Messianic age

Righteousness and justice

Is 32:1

See also Ps 72:2Ps 72:12–13Is 9:7Is 11:3–5Is 32:16Je 23:5–6

Peace and security

Is 32:17–18

See also Mic 4:3–4Is 65:20–23Je 23:5–6Je 33:15–16Eze 34:25–29Zec 9:9–10

Universal acknowledgment of the Lord

Je 3:17

See also Is 2:2–3Is 19:23–25Zec 14:16

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Joe 2:28–29

See also Is 11:2Is 32:15Is 44:3Is 59:21Eze 36:27

The kingdom of God in the NT

Inaugurated at Jesus Christ’s first coming

Mt 12:28

See also Mk 1:15Lk 4:43

Includes the restoration of all things

Ac 3:21

See also Re 21:1–4

Consummated at Jesus Christ’s return

Re 11:15

See also Mt 24:30–31Re 12:10

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