Books Of The Bible Outline

Some fifteen hundred years in the history of man are covered in these four chapters of Genesis. The history in these four chapters goes from the first family to the flood. The main headlines of this fifteen hundred years are about Cain the murderer, the cemetery of man, and the calamity of the flood.

Genesis 4Cain. •Cruelty of Cain: Cain murdered his brother Abel. The cause of the cruelty (unbelief); the cognizance of the cruelty (came from Abel’s blood crying from the ground); the curse for the cruelty (God put a curse on Cain, and Cain complained that the curse was too severe—evil is always complaining about the punishment of sin being too severe). •Civilization of Cain: it was successful (but only in worldly pursuits such as cities, talent, and art); it was sinful (multiple wives, crime); and it was succeeded (by the offspring of a new brother, Seth, which began the line of Christ).

Genesis 5Cemetery. “And he died” is repeated eight times in this chapter which reminds us that “it is appointed unto men once to die” (Hebrews 9:27). This chapter is a very important chronological link in Scripture and in the history of man. It gives the ages at death of eight great patriarchs of mankind from the family of faith. They are Adam (930), Seth (912), Enos (905), Cainan (910), Mahalaleel (895), Jared (962), Enoch (365), Methuselah (969), and Lamech (777). Both Lamech and Methuselah died shortly before the flood.

Genesis 6, 7Calamity. This world-wide flood in Noah’s day was the greatest physical calamity ever to happen to the earth. Only the future great calamity of the earth burning up (2 Peter 3:10) will be greater in destruction. These two chapters record some interesting and instructive details about the calamity. •Cause of the calamity: bad contemplations (all thoughts were evil—6:5); bad conduct (the earth was filled with violence—6:11); and bad creed (only Noah and his family had faith in God). •Care in the calamity: a boat provided for the care of beasts and believers. •Circumstances in the calamity: included the days of rain (forty); the disgorging of underground reservoirs (“fountains of the deep”); and the depth of the water (it reached some twenty feet over the highest mountains). •Consequences of the calamity: the flood brought death to all who were not in the ark.

 Butler, J. G. (2003). Daily Bible Reading: Synopsis (Vol. 1, p. 2). Clinton, IA: LBC Publications.

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