Books Of the Bible Outline

These chapters cover a period of some 500 years and go from the end of the flood all the way to Abraham. The information in these chapters is vital if one is to have an accurate knowledge of the history of man.

Genesis 8Ceasing of the Flood. This chapter gives details about the ending of the flood. •Discontinuing: the rain and other factors producing the flood waters ceased. •Diminishing: the flood waters went down. •Departure: the raven and dove were sent from the ark to inform Noah of the condition of the earth. •Drying: the ground dried up. •Debarkation: all left the ark. •Devotion: for God is seen in the altar Noah built. •Decree: God promised no more universal floods.

Genesis 9:1–17Covenant for Noah. Here are details of the Noahic covenant. •Reproduction of man: to replenish the earth. •Ruling by man: over animals—no animal rights here. •Refreshments (food) for man: included meat as well as vegetables. •Rules for man: included capital punishment. •Rainbow for man: a sign of no more universal floods.

Genesis 9:18–29Corruption of Noah. •Cause of the corruption: drunkenness. •Curse from the corruption: was put on Ham’s descendants; for Ham, Noah’s son, saw Noah’s shameful nakedness—a father’s sins can scar the family.

Genesis 10Children of Noah. This chapter lists the descendants and dwelling places of Noah’s three sons who repopulated the earth after the flood. •Descendants of Ham: included Nimrod, Babel, and the Philistines. •Descendants of Japheth: includes the Europeans. •Descendants of Shem: includes the Jews; but here Shem’s list stops at the family of Peleg’s son, Joktan, who was not in the Jewish line (see 11:10–32 below; the earth was divided in Peleg’s day—10:25).

Genesis 11:1–9Construction of the Tower of Babel.Reason for the construction: the disrespect for the Lord. •Restraining of the construction: was done through the diversity of languages—different languages are not a result of man’s intelligence but a result of man’s iniquity.

Genesis 11:10–32Children of Shem. This is a repeat of Shem’s family in chapter 10 but with the significant change from the family of Peleg’s son, Joktan, to the family of Peleg’s son, Rue which goes on to Abraham, the father of the Jews.

 Butler, J. G. (2003). Daily Bible Reading: Synopsis (Vol. 1, p. 3). Clinton, IA: LBC Publications.

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